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Top 10 Best Piano Brands

Music is the universal language. In 1700, Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the modern piano.
Since then, over 2000 different brands had taken over this instrument.

Here is a top 10 piano brands list, based on the quality and people recommendation.

Greatest Piano Brands

Number 10: Bosendorfer

Bosendorfer Grand PianoCreated in Vienna, Austria, the Bosendorfer has been building handcrafted pianos since 1828. The company is one of the most popular when it comes down to grand piano collections and luxury. This company is the oldest fabricator of pianos in today’s market. It is popular among people that seek luxury or have opulent piano collections. Bösendorfer invented the extension of the typical 88-key keyboard, developing the Imperial Grand, which has 97 keys. This novelty was originally requested as a custom built piano for Ferruccio Busoni, who desired to transcribe an organ piece that went to the C below the regular keyboard. This change worked so well, that the piano was added to common product offerings and hastily became one of the world’s most beloved concert grands.

Number 9: Fazioli

Fazioli Piano BrandThe company name comes from Paolo Fazioli, a music partisan. Born in Sacille, Italy, he began creating pianos back in 1978. Working with mathematicians, physicists, technicians and wood technologists, his company manufactures some of the biggest pianos in today’s market.

Number 8: Stuart and Sons

Stuart and Sons Grand PianoThe company was founded in 1990 in Australia. This pianos are world-wide known for their innovative, handcrafted and unique qualities. Among those is the fact that the piano has 14 more keys than a classic piano, which allows higher and lower notes. Stuart and Sons pianos can be expensive because they are not manufactured for the mass market.

Number 7: Bechstein

Bechstein Piano BrandPreferred by pianists who play in recording studios or perform in concerts, the company was created in Germany in 1853. During the 1st and 2nd World War, the company suffered great losses, but then made a huge comeback. They sell upright and grand pianos. The Beatles, Elton John or Freddy Mercury, they have all been followers of the brand. Bechstein has been known as the creator of one-of-a-kind art case pianos since the 19th century. Art case pianos were assigned by interior designers for royal castles and fancy mansions. Artists and craftsmen were contracted by Bechstein to make special pianos embellished with gold, hand-engraved details, and hand-painted art on the piano case. Some of the Bechstein art cases are now museum pieces, while others are sometimes exchanged at musical-instrument auctions, mainly in New York and London. 

Number 6: Mason and Hamlin

Mason and Hamlin Horizontal PianoManufacturing pianos since 1883, the company is situated in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Based on models that are presented in the market, the company has high standard of quality. In 1996, Mason and Hamlin was obtained by Burgett, Inc.

Number 5: Charles R. Walter

Charles R. Walter PianoIn 1975, Charles Walter introduced his 1st piano to the keyboard market. Known for the quality woods that they use, the company produces pianos made to leave as legacy for the next generations.

Number 4: Kawai

Kawai White Grand PianoThe company, founded by Koichi Kawai, originated in Japan, where Koichi was born and raised. Known for their digital and acoustic pianos, the company has been around since 1927. When it comes to pianos, you can expect nothing but the finest quality.

Number 3: Yamaha

Yamaha Red Grand PianoOriginally called Nippon Gakki, the company name was changed to Yamaha in 1987. It was founded by Torakusu Yamaha, and gives the opportunity for everyone who wishes to learn to play. The only disadvantage is a somewhat shorter lifespan in contrast to handcrafted pianos that can be found America or Europe.

Number 2: Baldwin

Baldwin Piano BrandBaldwin is one of the largest keyboard instruments and piano maker in America. Founded in 1862 in Cincinnati by music teacher Dwight Hamilton, the product became popular for its quality and detailed craftsmanship. Today, the company can be found in Nashville, Tennessee.

Number 1: Steinway & Sons

Steinway and Sons Concert PianoReceiving awards from New York, Paris and many other institutions for their pianos quality, Steinway & Sons continues, to this day, to pass all standards. It was founded by German immigrant Henry Steinway in the New York City of 1853. Other than the extravagant Steinway & Sons brand, Steinway markets two budget brands: Essex for the entry-level market and Boston for the mid-level market. Boston and Essex pianos are fashioned using lower-cost pieces and labor. Pianos of these two brands, built with Steinway owned designs, are made in Asia by suppliers. Steinway permits only its authorized Steinway marketers to carry new Boston and Essex pianos.
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